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Dell Networking N1548 48x 1GbE + 4x 10GbE SFP+ fixed ports Stacking IO to PSU airflow AC Kód: 1332601
Dell Power Supply 800W Mixed Mode customer install;pre R450;R550;R650,R6525,T550 Kód: 1335069
DELL 480GB SSD SATA Read Intensive ISE 6Gbps 512e 2.5in w/3.5in Brkt Cabled CUS Kit T150 Kód: 1335249
Dell OptiPlex Micro and Thin Client Dual VESA Mount, for D12
€80 –40 %
Kód: 1335117
Dell  MFF-VESA Mount with PSU Adapter sleeve, for D12
€80 –45 %
€36,67 bez DPH
Kód: 1335116
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